Re-Opening Thursday July 16th

Ten Tigers Re-opening Plan for Students and Parents: What You Should Know


As you probably already know, the dojo is professionally cleaned and every surface is disinfected regularly; however, out of an abundance of caution, we are taking further actions to redouble our efforts.


These efforts include:

  • Disinfectant/cleaning of the mats and training equipment after each class. We will use non-toxic cleaning CDC recommended agents.

  • Disinfectant wipe down of all doors and door handles, chairs and other commonly touched surfaces at least 3 times per day.

  • Disinfectant cleaning of all surfaces and fixtures in the restrooms between each class.

  • Hand sanitizers stationed at the front lobby and in the restroom.


Federal, state, and city guidelines are continually changing. Rest assured that with any new cleaning and sanitation requirements, I will update my procedures to be in accordance with the law and the safety of your children.


Dropoff and Arrival at the Dojo:

  • Students are required to wear a mask when arriving at the dojo and during class.

  • Students will be checked in one by one. Those waiting their turn will be required to stand on a 6 ft demarcated floor sticker outside the front door.

  • Students should enter the front doors but will exit at the side door on Ventura Blvd. Parents of smaller children can wait outside with their child until they are admitted to class at which point they must leave (per state guidelines parents will not be able to use the indoor viewing area or waiting room).

  • Upon entering the lobby each child’s temperature will be checked with a touchless wall-mounted thermometer.

  • Once the temperature check is complete, each student should sanitize hands at the hand sanitizer station before entering the class.

  • If a child is running a fever, we ask that you be ready to take your child home. S/He will not be allowed to participate in class.

  • Following the CDC’s guidance, we ask that if you, your child, or anyone in your household are showing flulike symptoms, have a fever, or feel ill, please stay home.








What to Expect During Class:

We will continue to focus on strength, technique, mental values and a lot of individualized work that will make your child a better student moving forward. Classes will be as exciting and high energy as ever with music pumping and kids laughing and having a good time while training!


Class Size Limit and Reservation System

Sensei will be opening with smaller classes using a reservation system. We will have no more than 10 kids to a class at any given time. You can reserve classes at At this time students will be limited to no more than 2 days per week, but can still do Zoom in addition to face-to-face classes.


Face Mask and Face Shields

Per state guidelines, students must wear mask upon entering the Dojo and during class. If your child cannot wear a facemask than a face shield could be a substitute. If you do not want your child to wear either, then Zoom classes will be your best option. Sensei will wear a face mask and face shield. Underarmour and Adidas make sport specific ones.


In addition to cleaning and sanitizing, I will institute other practices before, during, and after class which should help mitigate risks including the following:

  • Two doors will be left open with fans blowing to increase constant air flow through the dojo.

  • To facilitate flow of students between classes, students will enter from the front door and exit from the side door facing Ventura.

  • Students will greet and say good byes to Sensei and each other with a courteous bow instead of handshakes, fist bumps, etc.

  • We will not have close personal contact with students. Sensei will avoid contact with students when correcting technique and will use verbal praise, air high-fives, thumbs up, and other non-contact motivational tools to let students know what they’re doing well.

  • There will be no student-to-student contact. We have to temporarily eliminate grappling and sparring.

  • Students will stay in their own station until class is over.

  • They will be using training equipment such as a bag, training dummy, swiss ball, kick pads during class.

  • Classes will not be overly strenuous, but if students need a break, they can go to the empty lobby area by themselves and come back in when ready.

  • Ideally students should use the toilet prior to class, but if a need arises to use the restroom at the dojo, the restroom will still be available for use one at a time.

  • Students should bring their own water bottles to keep with them. The waiting area will no longer have water, books, or couches.

  • No eating will be allowed in the dojo – no exceptions – students can have a snack before or after class outside the dojo.







Parents Waiting Area

Per state guidelines, No parents or non-class participants are allowed in the dojo in order to maintain adequate social distance and guidelines for number of people allowed into the studio (so for the time being, please be prepared to wait outside, upstairs air-conditioned lobby area, or in your car while your child is in class and watch via zoom. Sensei will have his phone near him in case you want to email about something important. Parents can walk younger ones to the door and stay closeby in case they are needed.


Pick-Up and Departure from the Dojo:

  • Students are required to continue wearing their masks when leaving the dojo.

  • At the end of class students will gather their personal items, put them in their backpack, and leave the dojo one by one with Sensei’s permission.

  • Parents please be sure to pick your child up on time, so the dojo can be sanitized for the next class and new students can be checked in.


Students will not be allowed to come in early, please drop off and pick up on time.


Student Responsibilities/Preparation for Class:







Covid Liability Waiver

In accordance with new health procedures and policies, parents will have to agree to a waiver stating that their child has not been experiencing any symptoms, traveled internationally etc. You will see this when you reserve your classes at


Class Schedule and Reserving Classes

The new class schedule will post on and will require a signup reservation. You will have to sign up for one or two weeks at a time. Once we establish your ideal class times, we can lock in that time slot and you won’t need to sign in again. We are going to keep to a schedule with the same kids all the time. Feel free to get together with other members you know to schedule times together. As pandemic conditions improve, we can eventually get back to our regular schedule.


Continuing with Zoom

All classes held at the studio will continue to be broadcast through Zoom. ZOOM WILL NO LONGER FOLLOW THE OLD SCHEDULE!  Just look at the regular schedule and you will see all the classes on the website.  You will find all Zoom class links at with the same password. Sensei along with an assistant will alternate and be teaching both classes. I recommend getting a kicking bag for the house so that students can do exactly what is being done in the dojo. Here are two options:



Friday Prize Day

Prizes will be replaced by an opportunity to use the Dojo for 45minutes to yourself at a specific time or bring a friend if you win. This is not required if you just want to stay home and Zoom.